Why does “Oils & More” use extra virgin olive oil?

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Our range of “Oils & More” is made with extra virgin olive oil. This is the highest category of virgin olive oils and that means its juice is made out of fresh and healthy olives. To obtain this oil, the traditional extraction method is used, in this method the olives are placed in a press and the oil is extracted with mechanical forces. By using this process it is easier to keep all the characteristics of the oil better.

The difference of the virgin olive oil lies within the quality of the olives, although the same method of extraction is used.

If the label indicates “refined olive oil” it means that it has been obtained from chemical processes, which are not suitable for direct consumption. The process of refining makes them better, but it makes it lose the characteristics of an olive oil, leaving a sort of vegetable fat over.

Finally, if it is labeled as “olive oil” it means that a minimum percentage of virgin oil is added to the refined oil  to make color and flavor acceptable for the consumer. However, the oil is still of inferior quality when compared to virgin olive oils and extra virgin olive oils, since the majority of its content is refined.

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