Gourmet salt and spices, an experience for the senses

From Salt & More we encourage you to discover that gourmet salt is much more than a flavor enhancer. That is why, we have created a wide range of products that allow you go through the different culinary cultures by means of such a simple element as the salt.

Any type of salt or seasoning offers us a flavor and aroma that make our senses travel around the world. With Salt & More, you will find out that there are many types of salts, with different shades and textures. You will discover an endless world of aromas, flavors and colors with our 100% blended natural salt with the best spices and herbs.

With Salt & More, you can customize your dishes in an original way and above all, very easily.

We use 100% pure salt, rich in minerals and trace elements that contribute to the health of our organism. Our products are 100% natural; they don´t contain dyes, preservatives or flavor enhancers.

Discover our selection of over 50 different products.