Salt & More converts salt in an experience for the senses.

The Persian Block of Salt makes cooking an archaic, sensual experience again. It is ideal for grilling and roasting but also for cooling and serving.

Hibiscus flowers provide an unparalleled optical touch to every drink. The flowers, with their combination of soft acidity, fruity aroma and the delicate sweetness of the syrup, will create an extraordinary taste experience.

Complete selection of cold sauces, essential complement in the modern cuisine, combining the concept of fast food without sacrificing quality, taste and traditional values.


Our selection of Sweet & More products are designed to respond to the trend in today´s homemade pastries, in which aesthetics plays an important role.

Our best essences are kept in small glasses and if we use these natural flavours of our spices to enjoy them in a cocktail, we are giving an extraordinary touch to our life.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil marinated with premium spices, no preservatives, dyes or flavor enhancers. Variety unique in the world.

Olives are one of the healthiest starters and the perfect complement to any dish, especially salads.