To be sustainable we must grow roots

Our commitment to society has deep roots. Sustainability is much more than a responsibility to take action for any damage at a particular time, it is part of our reason for being, our DNA.

The fruit of our efforts is returned to society as opportunities for people with difficulties as well as more responsible environmental and social proposals.

To facilitate our stakeholders the access to information about our sustainability policies, we pledge to make reports every year, following the methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative. This way, we will facilitate the understanding of our impact for sustainability.

We collaborate with initiatives that promote the KM0, especially CoopMercat, a network of stores with food products KM0 in the main shopping areas of Barcelona (3 stores in 2014 and 20 to be opened until 2016). Award for Best Sustainable Social Initiative Barcelona 2014.

Manolo ‘s Food is part of Fairness Supply Chain Initiative, which aims to increase equity in trade relations throughout the food supply chain.

Our main impacts

80% of our packages are reusable, either because they can be refilled, such as the grinders, or because you can give them a new life, as glass packages, which can be used once the salt is finished to enjoy a good wine.

90% of our containers are made of recyclable materials: glass, cardboard, cork.

We design our products always thinking about reducing waste: removing superfluous packaging and minimizing labels to reduce environmental impact.

Our facilities include an energy saving plan such as a solar panel installation in the new buildings.

When selecting the suppliers, besides food safety, we prioritize those that best guarantee the preservation of the environment and the sustainable farming.

Since 1970, Grup Cooperatiu TEB works so that people with disabilities have the same opportunities: in finding a job, in sports..

500 employees with disabilities

Besides earning a livelihood, for this group of people, work is the gateway to social integration, is a chance to get connected, to be an active part of the society.

100 users of Home Residence

We invest part of our surplus on building homes for our workers with intellectual disabilities.

Olympic Spirit

We promote sport for people with disabilities, as part of our commitment to health and social integration. We have 5 sports clubs and our athletes participate in the international Special Olympics movement, which was driven by Eunice Kennedy in 1968, and includes 170 countries reaching 3.7 million athletes with intellectual disabilities.