Joining hands, we multiply results

Trade&More was born in 2014 after over a year of collaborative work between Manolo’s Food and Grup Cooperatiu TEB, which joined to design and market a wide range of products, especially in the field of nutrition.
Trade&More is above all the sum of two complementary business models, that allow to multiply our objectives:

  • Increase the feedback towards our customers.
  • Expand our catalog and lead the European market in merchandising our products.
  • Flexibility in production and capacity to adapt to changing market needs.
  • Minimize our environmental impact and improve the way we socially report our commitment to sustainability.

To create a more sustainable environment, it is necessary to act together, to work as a team. In our today’s society the deeper and more closely interrelated the roots are, the better our proposals to improve sustainability.

The fruits of our efforts are plainly visible in our society in the form of opportunities for people who have more difficulties and also in form of more responsible planning in tune with the environment.


Manolo ‘s Food GmbH is a company located in Salzburg (Austria) with extensive experience in the market of Spanish food products.

Since late 2007, it offers an extensive list of Spanish products in the German-speaking countries and neighboring areas. It currently has over 90 suppliers allowing it to offer more than 1000 references. It is specialized in all sectors of the market and its extensive supply, together with great flexibility, can satisfy wants and needs for either large companies or small customers. The collaboration with leading companies in transportation allows it to perform all kind of deliveries, even the ones in small quantity.


Grup Cooperatiu TEB is a social enterprise, the result of entrepreneurial initiative of a group of families with children with intellectual disabilities. After 45 years in the market, it has become one of the main  Spanish cooperatives in the field of industrial services, working for major brands in the consumer market.

Its social commitment translates into 500 jobs for people with intellectual disabilities, and a constant reinvestment of their surplus to generate quality employment  and services that improve their quality of life (specialized residences, sports and leisure clubs … ).